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Midland Industrial Designers

Powder handling valves

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Waste handling rotary valve Atex


A new range of valves designed to specifically handle domestic waste.

Refuse can be hard to handle causing valves to jam, bind and leak. Traditional methods of preventing jamming work only to a degree- however MID's unique rotor designs prevent jamming while still retaining long wear life.

Even warm, moist refuse can be handled by our valves. They are ideal for:

  • Cement waste to heat
  • Incinerator plant
  • Waste to power plant
  • Recycled materials

The valves come with a huge range of configurations, rotor designs and features to keep waste plant running.

  • long wear life but flexible rotor
  • mechanical shaft seals
  • automatic drive clutches
  • wear resistant body
  • very large units
  • easy discharge pockets
  • high temperature models

The valve can also be supplied with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas.

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