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MID was established in 1959, manufacturing Dyris valves. Since then we have expanded our range and have a reputation for producing valves for more exacting applications, special one-off designs and the weird and wonderful.

We've used this extensive knowledge to develop a range of "standard" valves which have many of the innovative features developed for the more specialist applications such as mechanical shaft seals.

Our reputation has developed for valves for the more demanding applications, especially where longevity and minimal maintenance are required. We are market leaders in ceramic lined rotary valves and we have not yet found a rotary valve which will outlast the TWA ceramic rotary valve.

Our established quality assurance system (we can trace details of customers' valves right back to 1959) has 3rd party approval to ISO 9001, a process that formally recognises an extremely effective system that has not changed for more than 6 decades.

Our customers specify MID valves as a "must fit" as part of their plant and with extensive knowledge of applications and processes built up over 50 years we can advise the best and most cost effective solution for your plant.

Dyris valve in use at Boots manufacturing plant in 1959


Boots, 1959