The chemical industry creates a vast array of products that impact on virtually every aspect of our lives. As one of the UK’s top manufacturing exporters the sector adds billions of pounds to the economy.

MID manufacture a range of valves suitable for handling many of the products found within this industry.

Our quick clean rotary valves are used across many applications where the rapid cleaning of the rotor and the valve internals are paramount. Our mechanical shaft seals in our rotary valves prevent product leaking from the shaft, eliminating routine maintenance and ensuring your working environment remains safe at all times. Our gravity diverter range has a more comprehensive self-adjusting seal arrangement and can be manufactured to the exact same footprint as your existing valve.

Typically our valves handle


Ferrous Sulphate Sodium Bicarbonate Silica
Polyacrylamides Sodium Chloride Calcium Sulphate
Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate Calcium Oxide Zinc Oxide