TSY Conveying Diverter

TSY diverters are designed from the ground up to be low maintenance, heavy duty reliable units.

The part that takes most of the product impact, the vane, is fitted with wear plates that are long lasting but can be easily changed.

The vane seal is a 6mm thick 90°A wear resistant polyurethane, much thicker and tougher than other valves on the market. It sits in a machined recess in the body, out of the product flow to help stop it wearing. The thick tongue can also be used in full vacuum conveying lines without modification.


Shown is the Y type diverter but the valve also comes in an ST configuration with one leg straight through. The modular design is also used in the diverter vent valve (TSD), commonly known as a scale valve.

Standard options include:

  • Tough cast body
  • Heavy duty polyurethane seal
  • Y type, ST or scale versions
  • Hardened vane wear plates

Options include:

  • Food grade and polished finishes
  • ATEX certification
  • Non-standard sizes
  • Pneumatic or hand actuation

TSY/TST/TSD conveying diverter


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