Leaking shafts

ARE YOU…………… Spending valuable time maintaining shaft seals on your rotary valves? Spending money on raw materials that end up on the floor? Wasting time and money processing materials that don’t reach the end of the process? Struggling to maintain housekeeping & health & safety standards? Looking for significant productivity improvements? Leaking rotary shaft seals are an ‘age old’ problem that Engineers have been facing for many many years and even though there are a number…

Airslide Valve

Based on the Barrel Control valve, this comes complete with an integral airslide  and vee-notch to control the vlow of cement between airslides. The airslide material is a porous heavy duty polyester with a custom stainless steel protective mesh, designed to aerate the cement so if flows across the base of the valve. Fine control is by using the vee notch shape in the barrel, which, coupled with the 4-20mA pneumatic actuator, allows the downstream airslide…

Custom scraper valve

This valve is a variation of our rotary valve with an integrated, self-cleaning scraper paddle fitted to the outlet. This unit is designed to exactly fit the client’s plant, and has many of the features found on our wear resistant valves such as mechanical shaft seals, replaceable hard rotor tips and a body with hard plate in the high wear areas.

Conveying sight glass

A simple custom job for a bakery. A conveying line sight glass to make sure the product is flowing properly. Made from cut and flame polished borosilicate glass and stainless steel, the simple, robust construction is designed to last many years before replacement.

1400mm Louvre Door

The client needed a 1400mm custom designed louvre door valve to regulate the air in a cement kiln. The valve is fitted with a 4-20mA Auma actuator, to allow fine control of the air to control the process temperature accurately. Mechanically the valve is very robust to withstand the harsh duty, and as it will be installed in an outdoor environment, has been finished to operate reliably in this environment for many years.

13 bar ceramic rotary valves

The TWA ceramic rotary valves are the leading choice for abrasion resistant applications. For Drax Power, minimising maintenance and dowtime on their biomass fuel handling plant is essential as the cost in lost production runs into thousands per minute. We have developed a version of our ceramic rotary valve that has a body with a pressure shock resistance of 13 bar. Each is made from high strength carbon steel, pressure tested to ensure integrity then assembled using our…