Animal Feed

The UK Animal Feed Industry is worth £6 billion and employs close to 10,000 people across approximately 400 businesses.

MID offer a range of products suitable for handling many of the common ingredients and additives found in this industry. Abrasive products can be quite common, so using valves with increased wear protection that eliminate routine maintenance will optimise your productivity.

Our MVX rotary valve with 400 wear plate protection will last up to 4X longer than a cast iron valve and the mechanical shaft seals are guaranteed not to leak and not to need any routine maintenance. Our mechanical seal cartridges can be fitted to other manufacturers screw conveyors, eliminating shaft leakage and maintenance.


Typically our valves handle

Soybean Meal Limestone Lisyne Zinc Oxide
Wheat/Bran Fine Salt Exal H Metheonine
Sand Threonine Iron Sulphate Manganese Oxide