RBS/X Blowing Seal

RBS blowing seals are used to convey product directly into a conveying line with the pressurised air passing directly through the bottom of the valve, helping eject the material.

The RBX version incorporates wear plates to increase the service life of the valve if used with abrasive products.


The return side of the pockets, full of compressed air, is then vented through an independent system to a local dust extraction unit so it does not prevent material from falling into the valve inlet. For heavier materials, the vent adapter can be left out as they will fall into the valve anyway.

As standard the valves are fitted with friction relieved tips and heavy duty taper roller bearings with independent seals.

The valve as standard is fitted with our unique, maintenance and leak free mechanical shaft seals.

Wear resistance

RBS Datasheet


RBX Datasheet


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