Energy/Alternative Fuels/Biomass

For the last 10 years energy generation within the UK has been very gradually moving away from burning fossil fuels towards a more clean energy generated through renewables. Whilst coal still accounts for approximately 2% of the fuels used, renewables including biomass are now contributing close to 30% of the UK’s energy fuel requirements.

Many energy intensive industries have swapped to using alternative fuels instead of coal, reducing their carbon footprint and preventing thousands of tonnes of waste being sent to landfill.

Coal is abrasive, so MID’s range of wear resistant valves are ideally suited to this type of product. Rotary valves with mechanical shaft seals and increased wear protection, heavy duty gravity diverter valves and slide valves will all ensure your process is as efficient as can be.

Alternative fuels pose a slightly different problem to coal, but in themselves can generally be quite abrasive. The valves that handle these fuels need not only to be highly reliable, but they have to remain in service for extended periods of time, meaning that increased wear resistance is essential.

We’ve manufactured many bespoke alternative fuel valves for cement manufacturers.

Typically our valves handle

Coal Solid Recovered Fuel Biofuel Ingredients
Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) Rubber Crumb Climafuel
Domestic Waste