Knifegate Valves

The “Reiss type” knifegate valve has an excellent reputation for reliability and longevity. We have 2 types- the GVN** standard duty lugged range and the GVM** heavy duty full flange range (as photo above) that can be fitted with ni-hard wear parts.


The valve can be re-packed under pressure by simply adding more packing through the access ports in the side of the valve.

The seat runs down the edge of the blade and is particularly suited to handling powders as the opening and closing of the valve performs a self-clean every time, keeping the seal and valve free of product that simply falls out of the valve outlet.

The standard valve has the following features:

  • Fully bi-directional
  • Repackable under pressure
  • Self-cleaning seal
  • Plate cleaning scrapers fitted as standard
  • Minimised chest area
  • Proven, respected and reliable design
  • Handwheel, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric operation
  • Wide range of body and seal materials
  • Abrasion resistant version with ni-hard wear rings
  • BS 4504, ANSI and special flange drillings

GVNA wafer type (hand)


GVNC wafer type (pneumatic)


GVMFA full face (hand)


GVMFC full face (pneumatic)


GVMFE full face (electric)


GVKC (square)


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