FSV Fabricated

Our most versatile slide valve, the FSV can be made in any size, square or rectangular, to match your surrounding equipment.

Any material that can be fabricated may be used in the construction from aluminium and carbon steel through to valves made from stainless steel and hastelloy.


The chest seal is natural cotton as standard but we can also fit:

  • PTFE
  • Graphite
  • Inconel
  • Self-adjusting brass or stainless steel for frequent operation

Actuation can be pneumatic (shown), hand, hydraulic or electric.

We also have models that are suitable for use in your ATEX zoned area, very large and small valves and custom designed one-offs with inflatable seats, self-cleaning mechanisms and automatic fault detection.

In conjunction with Fike, we have developed a slam-shut unit for explosion isolation.

FSV full bore


FSVN necked


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