Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and accounts for approximately 17% of all UK manufacturing activity across close to 7000 businesses.

MID have a range of products suitable for this industry, many of them currently being supplied into well-known manufacturers with ‘household’ names.

Our high speed sifter, the FS100 is used to remove contaminants and to produce a homogenous aerated product discharge. Our pneumatic diverters are suitable for use within a lean phase positive or vacuum conveying system. We’ve manufactured bespoke rotary valves that slot straight in to replace very old units with unusual dimensions, from manufacturers that no longer exist. Our self-cleaning rotary valve can be used to handle sticky products that could not pass through a standard valve without blocking it up.

Typically our valves handle


Flour Sodium Bicarb Coffee Beans
Sugar Salt Wheat