WBV Wafer

The WBV valves are a development of the BV unit but designed to be clamped between standard ANSI or BS flanges.

The valves are designed to handle powders- they are not a “general purpose” valve originally designed for liquid duty.


The valve bodies are hard-wearing cast units and the vanes are thin to help product flow out of your hopper.

Seals are mounted on the vane and can be changed simply and quickly with the valve in-situ; no need to take the valve out of the line.

Standard options include:

  • Aluminium, cast iron or stainless body
  • Carbon steel or stainless vane and shaft
  • Nitrile, viton, EPDM and PTFE seals
  • Pneumatic or hand actuation

Options include:

  • High temperature seals and extended actuator mounting

We can also make custom wafer pattern valves to exactly match your application.

WBV Datasheet


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