Overhaul and Repairs

MID offers an industry leading refurbishment service for all of our rotary valves across the range and the initial assessment is completely free of charge.

TWA Extreme Duty Valve

The TWA extreme duty valve was designed to allow for economical refurbishment right from the start – you purchase the valve once, and then endlessly refurbish it, as and when required. Combined with the valve’s extended wear life this provides the owner with the lowest cost of ownership possible.

MV & MVX Rotary Valves

Our carbon steel and 400 wear plate valves don’t share the same design as the TWA, but in most cases, we can refurbish them back to their “as new” condition, up to a maximum of 3 times.

If you ask most other valve companies to refurbish your valve, they might change the rotor tips, the chain, the bearings and the seals. They’ll then install the newly tipped rotor inside a valve body, a body that is still worn. Whilst this might provide some extra life to the valve, you’ll be removing the valve much quicker than you did, the first time around.


The MID Difference

At MID, we’ll strip your valve, inspect it and then offer a quote to undertake the work.

Like everyone else, we’ll replace your rotor tips, your bearings, your seals and your chain, if needed, but it doesn’t end there – we’ll also assess the wear in the body, and if its not too severe, we’ll machine it out. This leaves us with an ever so slightly larger bore than we had before. If the end covers are worn, we can also add plates if needed and machine these back, but the important aspect of this, is that by the time we re-install the rotor, it will have been machined to accommodate the new internal dimensions of the valve, restoring your clearances to their ‘as new’ condition.

Now your rotary valve should last just as long as it did, when it was brand new.

Incidentally, if you don’t want us to undertake the repair work for you, we’ll reassemble the valve and ship it back to you.

Other Manufacturers Valves

We don’t just repair our own rotary valves. If you have a worn out unit from another manufacturer then we can, within reason, repair them to “as new” condition or even improve on the original unit by fitting hard faced components.

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