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Over 300 million tonnes of minerals are extracted from the UK landmass every year.  The majority of this is supplied to the UK construction industry, improving our housing stock, transport networks, commercial and industrial buildings,…

Energy/Alternative Fuels/Biomass

For the last 10 years energy generation within the UK has been very gradually moving away from burning fossil fuels towards a more clean energy generated through renewables. Whilst coal still accounts for approximately 2%…

Animal Feed

The UK Animal Feed Industry is worth £6 billion and employs close to 10,000 people across approximately 400 businesses. MID offer a range of products suitable for handling many of the common ingredients and additives…


The chemical industry creates a vast array of products that impact on virtually every aspect of our lives. As one of the UK’s top manufacturing exporters the sector adds billions of pounds to the economy.…


The UK’s Pharmaceutical industry is one of the leading sectors, contributing approximately £13 Billion to the UK economy and employing over 60000 workers. MID supply a number of different types of stainless steel valves into…

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and accounts for approximately 17% of all UK manufacturing activity across close to 7000 businesses. MID have a range of products suitable…

Latest News

New production facility opened

We are pleased to announce the opening of an additional production facility in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The facility more than doubles our assembly capabilities, and was needed as we required space for a large contract to…

Leaking shafts

Are you… Spending valuable time maintaining shaft seals on your rotary valves? Spending money on raw materials that end up on the floor? Wasting time and money processing materials that don’t reach the end of…

Airslide Valve

Based on the Barrel Control valve, this comes complete with an integral airslide  and vee-notch to control the vlow of cement between airslides. The airslide material is a porous heavy duty polyester with a custom stainless…

Custom scraper valve

This valve is a variation of our rotary valve with an integrated, self-cleaning scraper paddle fitted to the outlet. This unit is designed to exactly fit the client’s plant, and has many of the features found…

Conveying sight glass

A simple custom job for a bakery. A conveying line sight glass to make sure the product is flowing properly. Made from cut and flame polished borosilicate glass and stainless steel, the simple, robust construction…

1400mm Louvre Door

The client needed a 1400mm custom designed louvre door valve to regulate the air in a cement kiln. The valve is fitted with a 4-20mA Auma actuator, to allow fine control of the air to…

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