Mechanical Seals

MID’s mechanical seal cartridges can be used to completely eliminate shaft leakage, commonly found when trying to seal a rotating shaft against dry powders. They also eliminate the annoying repetitive maintenance, so common with gland packed seals.

MID’s mechanical shaft seals were originally developed over 30 years ago for use within our wear resistant rotary valves and they’re now a standard fitment across all of the range

Most commonly fitted to other manufacturers screw conveyors, MID’s mechanical seal cartridges are suitable for a wide range of applications;

Screw Conveyors Mills Chain Conveyors
Mixers Bin Dischargers Crushers
Classifiers Rotary Valves Screens
Agitators Bucket Elevators


Standard Mechanical Seal Cartridge

The ‘standard’ design of mechanical seal cartridge is the largest and so takes up the most space.

This cartridge is pre-tensioned at the factory, and installation is relatively simple

There are two distinctly different types of standard cartridge seals; internal and external

Internal – When fitted, internal cartridges are partially inserted into the end cover of the screw conveyor or mixer being sealed. It’s quite common with screw conveyors, as an example, that the flights on the screw will get in the way. If this is the case, you need to look at the external version.

External – This cartridge is very similar to the internal version but with an additional ‘collar’ that moves the seal out so that it sits externally to the screw conveyor. With this version you need space to be able to fit the cartridge between your end cover and the main shaft bearing. If you can’t fit this type in, you need to look at the compact range of seals.

Compact Mechanical Seal Cartridge

The ‘compact’ design of cartridge has been shrunk to the smallest size possible without affecting its performance. These are available only in ‘external’ versions and will need to be pre-tensioned on site during installation.

Engineered Solution – Made to fit

If neither the standard nor the compact cartridge fits, we could potentially design a cartridge seal to suit.

Replacement for screw conveyor ends

We have re-engineered the gland packing housings from commonly manufactured screw conveyors with our mechanical seals- they are a simple straight swap. Just unbolt the old, leaky, unreliable unit and install a leak and maintenance free MID mechanical seal.

Mechanical seals


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