GR Gravity

For gravity applications the GR heavy duty diverter is very solidly built. Unlike other gravity diverters, this valve is fabricated from thick steel plate, not folded from gauge material. The vane has spring loaded, self compensating seals to ensure dust tightness.

Of course we can also manufacture to specification- very large, very small or exotic materials are all pretty standard for us.


Shown is the Y type diverter with legs equal about the centreline- if you need to divert one leg off to the side while the main leg continues downwards, this is also a standard configuration.

Standard options include:

  • Heavy duty fabricated body
  • Self-adjusting spring loaded seals
  • Y type, ST or 3 way

Options include:

  • Any body materials that can be fabricated
  • Food grade and polished finishes
  • ATEX certification
  • Non-standard and rectangular sizes
  • Explosion containment
  • Inspection panels

GR gravity diverter


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