ST Conveying Diverter

ST diverter valves are used extensively for light and medium duty applications such as in bakeries.

The cast aluminium or cast iron body has the reliable self-adjusting spring loaded sealing system found on the heavy duty GR diverter valve.

It has in-built pipe adapters to make fitting simple and quick.


The internals can be fitted with stainless steel plates and food grade seals.

For granular products the valve can also be made as a 3-way valve with one inlet and 3 outlets.

Shown is the ST type diverter with one leg straight through and the other off to one side- if you need to use a Y type diverter this is also a standard.

Standard options include:

  • Cast body
  • Self-adjusting spring loaded seals
  • Y type, ST or 3 way
  • Stainless or carbon steel vane

Options include:

  • Food grade and polished finishes
  • ATEX certification
  • Non-standard sizes
  • Pneumatic or hand actuation
  • Vacuum version

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