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Sifter Atex


High speed sifting and conditioning of powdered products removes contamination before entering your process and conditions flour products, adding air to make your baked goods lighter with a better texture.

Our unit pulls powder into the inlet and screws it along to the sifting chamber where a beater throws the product out to a perforated sifting basket.

Unlike most other sifters on the market, we use only solid perforated plate rather than much weaker mesh. Solid, heavy contaminants (nuts and bolts for example) won't damage the unit.

They can be supplied with a number of options, including:

  • different screen sizes
  • wedge wire screen
  • aluminium or stainless body
  • inlet swivel for feeding multiple mixers
  • outlet dust supressing skirt
  • inspection panels
  • quick removeable rotor
  • fan assisted filter vent unit
  • inlet cyclone
  • pneumatic conveying version- sift "inline"
  • condition monitoring equipment
  • ATEX certification