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Midland Industrial Designers

Powder handling valves

Slide valve Atex

MID's range of slide valves cover a wide variety of applications from a simple knockover slide for emergency maintenance to a full ni-hard reinforced knifegate valve that can be used on pneumatic conveying lines carrying abrasive products.

The FSV fabricated range can be made in any square or rectangular shape and from any materials available in sheet form. Stuffing box seals can be replaced by spring loaded self-adjusting seals for reliability and low maintenance.

The TESV totally enclosed range is a cast unit with a close tolerance machined metal to metal seat and no chest seal. It's the ideal choice for frequent cylcling applications such as vehicle loading.

The GV "Reiss type" knifegate valve is well proven where a soft seat is required to hold pressure. They are abrasion resistant, reliable and adjustable while under pressure.

The Cement valve is a cross between an FSV and a TESV and is ideally suited to frequent cycling applications for very abrasive materials. There is no chest seal to maintain and as the plate is mounted on sealed roller bearings it can be used time and time again with little or no downtime.

Of course if one of our standard range does not fit your application, we specialise in one-off, custom designs so can design and supply a valve to exactly match your requirements.